Séance privée : Ya Boginya (de Olga Dibtseva)

Séance privée


de Olga Dibtseva

LUNDI 16 OCTOBRE À 20H30 : online ticketing available


Un film de
Olga Dibtseva
Avec Galina Bezruk, Aleksandra Bortich, Nikita Brusov
Pays Russie 2023
Durée 1h40
Âge légal/suggéré +16
Genre Comédie
Langue V.O.  sous-titres anglais
The naive school teacher Lena suddenly loses both her job and her husband. “The problem is definitely in me,” she decides, and on the advice of a friend, she signs up to reshape herself for the “Become a Goddess” training. The result is obvious: a new image and a loving admirer Andrey. It’s just not clear whether Lena managed to find herself, and whether something very important was lost in the process.