Ciné-club russe

Séance privée : Tyoshcha (de Askar Uzabayev)

Lundi 11 décembre à 19h45

Olga Nikolaevna is a strong-willed woman. She’s the boss at home and at work. The only one who breaks the order in her life is her son-in-law-like nothing else. And then one day the flurry of mutual claims becomes so great that right on a family holiday the situation gets out of control.

Ciné-club russe

Séance privée : Ya Boginya (de Olga Dibtseva)

Lundi 16 octobre à 20h30

The naive school teacher Lena suddenly loses both her job and her husband. “The problem is definitely in me,” she decides, and on the advice of a friend, she signs up to reshape herself for the “Become a Goddess” training. The result is obvious: a new image and a loving admirer Andrey. It’s just not clear whether Lena managed to find herself, and whether something very important was lost in the process.