Exposition photo “A Sea to Rest” (de Antigoni Papantoni)

exposition photo “A Sea to Rest” de Antigoni Papantoni :

We come to the seaside to find shelter, on some remote island, desperately longing for some rest. We are weary and yet incapable of admitting it or accepting it. Here, we live in bamboo huts on the sand, we easily find food and do not need much to survive. The only moments that punctuate our days are the sunrise and sunset. Faced with the vastness of the sea, we begin to feel the small and ephemeral nature of our existence. Troubles and frustrations that seemed so important before naturally fade away until our very existence feels light. We are finally able to see life as a gift: we nap surrounded by the smell of iodine and are rocked to sleep by the sound of waves, breaking on the sand; we are able to feel each element distinctly and effortlessly; when our eyes are closed, we are perfectly aware of our surroundings in the village: the cedars, the huts, the seaweed, the clothes drying, the motorbike, the horizon, the light, the sea.